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Shelly H. Owings
Date of Death: November 4, 2015
Makayla Kloes
Libby Danvir
Sadie P. Nelson
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Amherst Chapel
1600 Amherst Street
Winchester, VA 22601
Monday 11/9, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
120 Keating Drive
Winchester, VA 22601
Tuesday 11/10, 10:00 am
Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Middletown, VA 22646
Tuesday 11/10

Shelly Hannah Finn Owings, 54, of Middletown, Virginia, died Wednesday, November 4, 2015, at Blue Ridge Hospice Residential Center.   Mrs. Owings was born in 1960, in Gary, Indiana, the daughter of the late John T. and Joyce M. Finn. She was a graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Class of 1979 and Kent …
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Eli Cohen left a message on November 9, 2017:
As I grieve the anniversary of a death around this time, I remember Ms. Owings, the amazing memories as an educator and mentor. I rarely see a teacher with the experience and good character like her in today's schools, which is very unfortunate. She always sat down to help students like me with any questions, and truly cared about her students. Still remember the day she came running to my homeroom to tell me I passed my SOL with a high score neither she or I had expected, she was so excited, will never forget that. Praying for the family as this is still a difficult time.
Jim Panacopoulos left a message on December 10, 2015:
I was so saddened to hear about Ms. Owings passing. My deepest condolences to her family and loved ones. I knew her as Ms. Finn when I was a student at Aylor. She was, without question, my favorite teacher. She was unlike any other teacher I had before; kind, caring, energetic and enthusiastic. She made learning fun and for the first time, I was excited to come to school. The example she set has stayed with me for almost 30 years and has helped shape me into the person I am today. I know I am one of many people she had a positive influence on and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to know her. Thank you Ms. Owings.
Dorothy A. and Marshall Conner left a message on November 10, 2015:
With our deepest sympathy in the loss of Shelly to John and all the family
Adeline Bradford left a message on November 10, 2015:
Mrs. Owings such a great teacher... The moment I walked into your class I knew I liked you as a teacher and I also fell in love with your class. If hadn't called me 'Adelinski' I wouldn't have fallen in love with your class. You were always there to give hugs to everyone and to make them welcome. Thank you for being there.
helen gardner left a message on November 10, 2015:
colleen,danny,marianne , bridget and families I am so sad that our shelly is gone. very little time goes by without thinking of you all and the crazy good times we had. Thanksgiving will be here soon so let's all remember Shelly up in the tree dressed like a turkey, laying L'eggs. Lots of my best memories are of your family - I love you all so much. Helen
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Sohaib Ali left a message on November 9, 2015:
Mrs. Owings got me out of trouble regarding conspiracy to commit computer hacking. She always was there for all her students. She treated her students like kids, she provided lunch money when students forgot. She Ran the Sac club. remember the last word she said in school while alive was to me stating to come to the sac club meeting. She was a mentor to lots of people.
Makayla Kloes left a message on November 9, 2015:
Mrs. Owings, I will miss you so much. You were such a big help and I love having you as a teacher, you will always be my teacher; living or not, you are important to me and, now, heaven. you are now a beautiful and strong angel in heaven and I know when times get tough, you will be there to guide me. I want you to know that I will never forget you, you will always have a place in my heart. <3
Shahla Ali left a message on November 9, 2015:
i had an opportunity to meet Mrs Owings twice briefly. But what a beautiful soul she was. She was my son's 6th grade teacher and both my son and Mrs Owings shared a great relationship. She will always be remembered forever in our hearts.
Elizabeth & Susan LaScala left a message on November 8, 2015:
Mrs. Owings was a great person. She always was a happy, cheerful soul and it was heartbreaking to see her go. I remember my first day of middle school. Walking in, I was a nervous wreck. Seeing her smile and how happy-go-lucky she was made me feel right at home at Harper Park. Everyday since, I was excited to see what she'd come up with next. I can still remember every great and amazing day had with her. She was my light in a world that made no sense to me. I will and forever miss and remember the fun times we had. Mrs. Owings was a wonderful teacher & person. She was truly one of a kind. My daughter loved being in her class and looked forward to seeing her each day for English & Homeroom. I too thought very highly of Mrs. Owings, she was an incredible teacher & had a beautiful soul. Her absence will be felt for many years to come at HPMS. The last time I saw her she was all smiles and I intend to remember her that way always.
Diana and Stephanie Graham left a message on November 8, 2015:
Shelly's fun loving and outgoing personality will always be remembered. We loved being her and her family's neighbor. Her love of others was a reflection of her deep faith in God. She is safe in his hands and will be missed by us all. The Grahams
Libby Danvir left a message on November 7, 2015:
As i wonder why a beautiful young Mother ,Wife, Sister awesome Teacher and friend would be taken from us .I remember the fact your job here is done. Your sharing caring and teachings will be felt for many years to come, you made a difference for the good of mankind! Your cup overflowed with Charm ,Wit lots of fun,laughter and that Irish temper! (saw it a few times and Loved it!) you made people feel like they have known you all there life only meeting you one time! Yes its true you where one of a kind, you will be miss dearly. God has a SPECIAL pair of wings for you (we all know it will be 24 kt) lol.! I know you will make time to be The Guardian Angel we need. RIP Sweet Shelly.Our Condolence go out all of your family.
Tammie Matos left a message on November 7, 2015:
We are all missing the joy that Shelly brought into our school each and every day. Shelly truly loved all her students from the first minute that they walked into her classroom, and her love for them never ended. Shelly's memory will live on in all of the many students who had the privilege to call her "my teacher". They will always carry the life lessons that she lovingly taught them. She will always be in our hearts!
Nancy Campos left a message on November 7, 2015:
The Lord is with you in these momens, they are no word to espress my feeling, my daughters love her a lot , she was a very special teacher for them, and I hope you can feel that from all her student , she made the difference on their lives. Today she is on a better place taking care of all you. God bless you and give you all the love to support each other in these time.
James, Hazel and Rebekah left a message on November 7, 2015:
We first met Mrs. Owings just the end of August this year. My daughter Rebekah is in her homeroom class. We loved Mrs. Owings from the first time we met her. I was confident that my daughter is with a good teacher. Rebekah loves her, she said "she was so nice and funny!" Our family are saddened! We are privileged to have gotten to know her even for a very short period of time. I know that Rebekah will miss her in homeroom every morning, it's difficult just thinking about it! We will keep her hand written sticky note she sent home with the books she recommended for reading upon my request. Mr. Owings, Jonny and the rest of the family, you are in our thoughts and prayers. James, Hazel and Rebekah
Jay GHUMAN left a message on November 7, 2015:
She was not a teacher she was another mother for me she was so kind the thought of her being gone was too js much for me to bare I cried when she had passed because she gave so much love and happiness to everyone that they would never be sad. She would come in the room and say hi jaybird with a big smile on her face it would light up my day she loved me she loved all she will be greatly missed I love you mrs.owings!!!
Hanley Family left a message on November 7, 2015:
Mrs. Owings was a kind and lovable teacher. I loved being in her class and so did everyone that had her. She always had that umph and exitment that no one else had. She could always make a person have a smile on their faces, make a persons day go from sad to happy. She was the host of the SAC council out of her busy afternoon, spending time with kids and also invited kids to eat lunch with her. She also was one of those teachers that loved to spend lots of her time with her students, which not a lot of teachers would prefer to do. She would do anything to help anyone anywhere with anything. She loved to help with other socities to raise money for whatever it was and usually her and the SAC made something to sell to donate. She is and will forever be rembered at Harper Park. My prayers and condolences go out to her family. We love you and miss you!!!! The Hanley Family
nikki left a message on November 6, 2015:
I was one if her students she was such a caring teacher she made learning fun an enjoyable
Judy Keiper left a message on November 6, 2015:
My deepest sympathy for you all. Mrs. Owens was and is my son's favorite of all time. Johniie, my son is your age and I remember my son telling me how much she loved you and talked about you in their class. She was a gift to all who met her.
Hanley Family left a message on November 6, 2015:
Mrs. Owings was a loving and kind person. I really enjoyed and loved being in her class. She spent a lot more time with the kids at Harper Park than anyone else, like leading the SAC council and inviteing kids over to eat lunch with her. She helped a lot of kids when they owhere not having a good day and cheered them up. She always tried to help anyone, wherever she could and whenever she could. She made me have a smile whenever I saw her and I will dearly miss her. All our wishes and prayers are with her family.
The Stewart Family left a message on November 6, 2015:
We are so thankful that Mrs. Owings was not only a gifted, kind teacher but that she also devoted extra time out of her busy schedule to be the Student Council advisor. I know my son, Ryan, and all the kids who take part in Student Council very much appreciate the time and leadership she provided. Our prayers and condolences to the Owings family.
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Colleen O'Malley Basinger left a message on November 6, 2015:
As I was driving to Harper Park this morning, thinking of Shelly and how our Park is devastated by our loss of her I heard this new song by Rachel Platten, "Stand By You." This song shouts Shelly Owings to me! "Hey, if your wings are broken, take mine so yours can open too I'll stand by you." Shelly would do anything, literally give you the clothes off her back (she gave me one of her many sweaters one day because I was freezing) for her Harper Family...friends, staff she didn't know, every child that walks these halls, everyone. She kept us together when we lost our dear friend Miriam Kirkendall. She kept us together when she was sick. She told me she would not talk to me because we needed to be strong and keep teaching. She knew I wouldn't be able to teach the rest of day even if I gave her a hug, I'd crumble in her arms. I'm crumbling now because I didn't get to say goodbye, I didn't get to give her that hug I so desperately needed to have for myself. I know it was for me to toughen up because being a teacher to all of these children who love her (she is everyone's favorite!) and miss her dearly is one of the hardest things I've ever done as a teacher. I miss seeing her walking down the hall with her millions of layers on always surrounded by kids like she's the mama duck. I miss her calling me Colleenie every time she crossed my path. I miss her spunk and her feisty attitude. I miss her energy and drive. I miss her. My continued prayers go to Mr. Owings and Johnnie and all of her family. Be strong for each other. You will always have a family here at the Park.
Murdock Family left a message on November 6, 2015:
Our sincerest sympathy for your loss. She touched many lives and with dedication, compassion, and skill eased the difficult transition from elementary to middle school for hundreds and hundreds of kids. Her greatest legacy is that hundreds of young people will look back with fondness and call her their "favorite teacher".
Jeanette Barlow left a message on November 6, 2015:
We are saddened to hear of your loss, Shelly will be truly missed! Please know you are all in our thoughts and prayers. The Barlow family
The Kalchthaler Family left a message on November 6, 2015:
The Harper Park community has lost a wonderful and dedicated teacher. Thank you, Mrs. Owings, for everything you have done for all of the kids whose lives you touched. With love...The Kalchthaler Family
Sara Boyd Frey left a message on November 6, 2015:
As a terrified 6th grader at Robert E. Aylor, I was greeted my first day by a spunky, fun-loving, and intelligent women who welcomed all students into her AMAZING science class (maybe you were nice to me because you knew my Dad, hehe). She happened to be my favorite teacher at Aylor. She made learning fun and allowed us to express ourselves in so many ways. She was truly an inspiration! After Aylor we somehow seemed to keep up with each other’s lives, as I very well remember that beautiful and big baby bump she carried around for nine months that consumed her whole body. I have never had the pleasure of meeting your wonderful baby boy, but I was so excited to see pictures every time we ran into each other! Many years passed, and here we are not even a month ago, I had the privilege of taking care of you after your surgery in my unit! Those three nights of being your nurse you were unbelievable, as you had the attitude and energy of a teenager to get better and get home, must have been those ruby red slippers! I absolutely loved all of your stories with your sister Bridget and how she always called you “Sissy”! You experienced such a tragic loss your second night, and you were still so strong. I look up to you in so many ways after that evening and enjoyed your stories of good memories, I am sorry that we didn’t get you down there soon enough. I think about that night every day. I was so grateful and honored to be by your side throughout your recovery Mrs. Owings! I am also so thankful that I was able to introduce you to my family and see that you were proud of me! Hunter and I loved coming to visit you (even though we happened to show up when you just wanted to rest, we are so sorry) and now I wish so much we would have gotten a picture together! I just can’t believe that I am writing this, it doesn’t seem real…why so quick, why did God take you away so fast? You were supposed to see Johnny graduate, that’s all you wanted, that’s all you could talk about, how proud you were of him and how much you loved him and your husband and family…why couldn’t he wait? He took you to a better place Mrs. Owings. He took you so that you wouldn’t suffer and you could look down and guide your family through all of life’s obstacles, because you are a leader and a guider and have always been able to shine light in the right path for individuals. The right path to happiness! Thank you for teaching me and inspiring me to live a life full of sunshine! I will never forget you! Please look down on me from time to time! Love you! XOXO Sara Boyd Frey, Andrew Frey, and Hunter Frey
Sadie P. Nelson left a message on November 6, 2015:
Shelly was an awesome teacher. I was saddened to hear of her death. I still remember the joy she brought to so many children at Aylor. I will always remember her beautiful smile and all the fun we had at Aylor and in Clearbrook. God has gained a beautiful angel. My prayers are with the family.
Misty Miller left a message on November 6, 2015:
She was an amazing teacher!! Loved by many. May you rest in peace.
Angela Salvatori Laurie left a message on November 6, 2015:
Shelly could always make someone laugh. I loved her fiesty attitude. She loved kids and loved what she did. I am so glad that our paths crossed at Aylor Middle School.
Teresa and Ron Haas and girls left a message on November 6, 2015:
Please know we are here for you and pray each day will bring a little less pain and sadness .
John, Wendy and Tashi left a message on November 6, 2015:
We are sad and so sorry to hear about Shelly. She will remain in our hearts Shelly was a loving mother, caring teacher and a blessing to know as a friend. Peace be with you in this time of sorrow.
Anita & Wendell Dick left a message on November 5, 2015:
We are sorry to hear about your loss. May God Bless you all with the peace that passes understanding.
Omps Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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