Personalize Your Reception


We Specialize in Special Services

Beyond burial and cremation, there are virtually unlimited choices for personalizing an Omps funeral. You can honor and celebrate a loved one’s life by creating a unique ceremony featuring everything he or she loved.

For example, Omps can provide a heavenward release of doves or balloons or play meaningful music. We can organize for Bagpipes or “Taps” to be played. Our Staff can help assemble photo boards with favored memorabilia. Words, video, photos, and music can be edited in a memorial website.  A memorial table with a tabletop of memories surrounded by photos, flowers, and candles can be assembled.

More Personalization Ideas

Military Honors

Butterfly Release

Candlelight Ceremony

Limousine Service

Picture Board

Thumbprint Jewelry


Graveside Service

Floral Selection

Motorcycle Hearse

Printed Memorabilia


Balloon Release

Live Music

Horse Drawn Carriage

Casket Personalization

Video Tribute

Receptions & Catering