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Philip Weber, III

Date of Death: December 29, 2015
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Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
120 Keating Drive
Winchester, VA 22601
Tuesday 1/5, 9:30 am - 11:00 am
Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
120 Keating Drive
Winchester, VA 22601
Tuesday 1/5, 11:00 am
Sacred Heart Cemetery
1120 South Cameron Street
Winchester, VA 22601
Tuesday 1/5

Philip “The Running Man” Weber III, 55, of Charlottesville, formerly of Winchester, died on Tuesday, December 29, 2015, as a result of a running/vehicular motor accident in Charlottesville on Ivy Road.   Philip was born May 28, 1960, in Jamaica, NY. He was a 1978 graduate of Handley High School and also graduated from theContinue Reading

Grace Gerges left a message on February 18, 2016:
I remember you always as you inspired me to be a better person. I miss you!
Grace Gerges left a message on February 18, 2016:
I sure do miss you. I am unable to let you go! What a loss Iit has been. Run free my friend
Dan Dorsey left a message on January 6, 2016:
I was able to briefly attend the family visitation for Philip Weber (AKA The Running Man in Charlottesville) today in Winchester, Va. He was outfitted for burial as he would have been for a run, with the exception that he was wearing a shirt (from Ragged Mountain Running Shop) and a bright orange knit cap. Phil and I were neighbors and friends in our high school years in Winchester, and although it turns out we both settled in Cville, I had not heard of him since our days at Handley. It was incredibly moving to speak with his parents and sisters. Clearly Phil had become quite eccentric over the years, but his family loved him for WHO HE WAS and not necessarily for what they wished him to be. They celebrated Phil in a way that was decent, loving, honest and compassionate. It was the best send off that any man could wish for. May God bless Phil and all the family and friends he left behind.
Eric Eisenhower left a message on January 4, 2016:
I just cannot believe this. He and I were buddies at UVA. Saw him most days for 3 years or so. Hard to get him out of his bunker, but I was always welcome to come in. He liked to listen to frank Zappa and Brian eno. Determined to be the best chemist in the world, and well on his way until he changed his mind and decided to be an orchestra conductor. Saw him from time to time afterwards. Apartment full of books, half assembled bicycles, and stacks of dried pasta purchased on sale. Beat up vw bug. Last saw him a few years ago. Wife and I took him to a restaurant where he refused to eat. Had a great time anyway. Brilliant, determined and very kind. What a loss. I am heartbroken.
Tim Dunne left a message on January 3, 2016:
I live in Illinois. Maybe people find it odd that a person so far away and one that had not even known or met this man could comment on such a tragic loss. It's difficult not to, even having a (reported) persona similar to his as not being the most social being. I seem to find myself over the top emotionally overcome by this? Maybe it's because I parallel this man in many different ways. I too was born in 1960, I am 55 and was an avid runner. What's possibly more odd is my younger brother and wife left Illinois for a period of time to be students at The University of Virginia and I moved him there and back to Illinois after graduating. (Yes, it was quite a move.....both ways......both times). Most of my brothers and sisters were active runners at the time and my oldest brother was with me on the move down to Charlottesville. We were only there a couple days and before we left, we decided to go for an early morning run.................... We got lost. We think we ran at least 20 miles that morning trying to find our way back and every one was waiting on us to get ready to leave for home and wondered what had happened to us. We actually did run through the University campus and stopped and stood in awe at the Rotunda and other structures knowing full well that one of our great nation's founding fathers was the benefactor. It still makes me smile thinking about and is a great memory to hold on to. I just have to think that Mr. Weber had similarly abundant and wonderous thoughts himself in the solace of running. I hope there is some sort of permanent memorial to this man. Shoes tied to a post just aren't enough. It's apparent that not only did his family suffer with this loss, but the entire community as well. "The Running Man"!!! What a moniker for a small statue set in a common area that he ran through frequently. I would be honored to be a contributor. My thoughts to his family, friends, and the community. I've read blog after blog on what this man did and who he was. Being a realist, I still find it difficult to accept his fate. People want to point fingers and place blame. It doesn't matter. It won't change a thing. You just have to
Peace of mind is a call away. We're here when you need us most.
Dale Disque left a message on January 3, 2016:
We're so sorry to have heard the news, I never knew that Phil had become such a celebrity. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Weber family during this difficult time. May His comfort surround you.
Stan left a message on January 3, 2016:
We always talked about Running Man whenever we saw him. Much respect for his years of hard work. We were hoping the funeral was going to be in Charlottesville so his legion of fans could see him, but unfortunately it's not so we're holding a candle for you, sir.
Gail Davis left a message on January 3, 2016:
I did not know "Running Man" (Phil) and I know that I missed out on knowing a wonderful and caring man. My deepest sympathy to the family and friends.
Tammy Bock left a message on January 3, 2016:
I went to Handley with Phil. He was a very sweet person he had a Ike that would light up a room. He will be dearly missed. My thoughts and prayer are with his family. You raised a son that you can be very proud of. ????
Maggie Hindes left a message on January 3, 2016:
I only knew the "Running Man" from knowing his family, but the extensive nature of his loss to his community reaches far beyond anyone's imagination. He was a simple, but kind man who supported his community in so many unsung ways. His gift to his family and friends here are all the many people's lives that he humbly touched. His life did not just make a simple footprint that needs to be remembered, but his life left a long series of footprints throughout his community. His family and friends are gifted with all the wonderful memories people have and had of Philip. His message to us is: remember to never miss a chance to supporting someone in any way you like they need whether it is a smile, a wave, or a helping hand.
A friend left a message on January 2, 2016:
Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear. My heartfelt sympathy to family and friends.
Beth Luby left a message on January 2, 2016:
I remember the first day at Sacred Heart when Philip was introduced to the class! Snow White blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile that was contagious. My heart goes out to the family and friends. Hold your memories close to your heart, they will lighten your grief.
Benson Walker left a message on January 1, 2016:
Myself and another class mate was just talking about folks from our class and where they were a couple of weeks ago, and Phil came up in the conversation. Neither of us knew he was living in Charlottesville You can imagine my surprise when I heard the news of his passing. While at Handley he was a good friend. That smile and that twinkle in his eyes just caught your attention. We hung out and played music together and dreamed about the future.. Back then he loved his guitar. Phil's smile never left me and I will never forget the times we had jamming and just being friends. R.I.P. Brother!
Liz Courain left a message on December 31, 2015:
Philip was a regular sight, running along Cherry Avenue, where we lived. My husband and I would often wave, and Philip would wave back. One day, several years ago, when we had received heavy snow the night before, I arrived home from work to find Philip helping my husband shovel our driveway! I will never forget the sight of my husband, bundled up for the cold, and Philip in his brief running attire, shoveling away with gusto. We were blown away by his kindness that day. RIP Philip, we will miss you.
Matt left a message on December 30, 2015:
Phil was a friend from grade school all the way thru college at UVA. Always imaginative, I remember many thought provoking discussions and shared a number of laughs and memories with him. I never knew him as the Running Man, but certainly a good example of his unique drive and passion in anything he set out to accomplish.
Karen left a message on December 30, 2015:
I saw Philip many, many times on Old Lynchburg Road. And I will miss him very, very much.
Matthew Bowen left a message on December 30, 2015:
A unique and phenomenal individual. I used to call out to him in the wee hours when I passed.
Joe and Terri Hirst left a message on December 29, 2015:
We played guitars together back in the 70's in the Church Folk with my classical guitar and him with his cool electric guitar and amp! Have great memories of "Running Man" Phil, though I don't remember him running back then. Our condolences to the Weber family.
Omps Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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