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Jim Burgholzer

Date of Death: May 21, 2015
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Word of Life Ministries
2560 Martinsburg Pike
Stephenson, VI 22656
Saturday 6/6, 11:00 am

Jim Burgholzer             Jim Burgholzer, 79, of Winchester, VA died Thursday, May 21, 2015 at his home.           Mr. Burgholzer was born in 1935 in Nyack, New York, the son of the late Alfred Burgholzer, Sr. and Helen Burgholzer. He was a veteran of the National Guard, and was self-employed as a farrier and owner/operatorContinue Reading

draydyn burgholzer left a message on May 31, 2022:
this was my grandpa and i miss him
Leonard Fay left a message on May 28, 2015:
I feel privileged and blessed to have grown up around Jim and his sons. Like most of my father’s friends, Jim seemed larger than life to me. He could show up in a van and just moments later have his fire red hot ready to pound and shape horse shoes (a fascinating sight for a young boy)! Watching Jim shoe a horse, you knew that he could get this animal to do just about anything he wanted it to. I can’t remember him ever being caught “off guard” or surprised by something the horse was about to do. Not just horses, I watched him rodeo; including bull ride and bronc ride. He was the first and only rodeo clown I ever personally knew. Keep in mind this was long before these guys wore helmets and Kevlar protective gear. I remember being at a rodeo where a bull got loose; it ran around the spectators then turned over a Volkswagen before being caught. That’s right; this bull turned a car on its side, cowboys caught the bull and put him in a pen just so Jim could run around on foot with him or get launched across the arena in some old tires! So here is a man that’s fearless around animals many times his size, can bend steel, and…he’s funny. Every memory I have of Jim includes him laughing; what a great man. I just turned 54 and Jims presence in my early life has contributed to the man I am today. I’d like to just say thank you for being a great example for a kid to look up to, God bless you. Reverend Leonard J. Fay, DKPD Ret.
Rosemarie & John Burgholzer left a message on May 29, 2015:
Growing up I remember going to the rodeo to watch my Uncle Jim; and a "shooting contest" between him & my Dad in the field behind my grandparents house; and lots of holidays with family. Later, as adults, my wife and I spent hours with him just "shooting the breeze"; and Rose and Jim playing their guitars and singing every song they knew! In all our experiences, what stood out about him was that he was so REAL. He led HIS life HIS way! And his way was... sincerity, caring, & lots of smiles!
Ann Donnelly Steuart left a message on June 1, 2015:
When I was a girl I kept a pony at Pegasus Stables in Chevy Chase. One of my favorite treats was when I showed up at the barn and "mr B" was shoeing. He always had time for a friendly chat and some good advice, jokes and a laugh. He always brightened up my day and I loved watching him shoe. What a master! I don't know if I'll ever smell a horse being shod or the sound of a forge that he doesn't come to mind.
Jerome Finn left a message on June 3, 2015:
i was a customer and had vehicles and trailer wired for towing. He was very good natured. I even called him from South Dakota when I succeeded in towing my Harley Trike to Sturgis. My poor backing skills resulted in a broken aluminum tail light that I thought was hopeless but we laughed about it and he had it banged and welded back perfect. Every time I drive by his street I will remember what a great guy he was and thankful I met him.
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Laura Peacock Pierson left a message on June 3, 2015:
Jim was a friend of my dad (Bob Peacock) and visited our farm in Lovettsville, VA frequently. He kept our horses shod routinely and also would rodeo with us on weekends. He will be missed.
Daphne left a message on June 4, 2015:
Jim was a renaissance man. He could shoe, he could ride, he could converse, he could drive a rig, he could shoot, he could ride a motorcycle, he could build trailers, he could drive a tractor, he could stuff a hay net, he could share a meal. His open smile, wit, and honest communication was a breath of fresh air. He was a wonderful horseman, farrier, and mentor. I feel lucky to have known him, and to have learned from him. Jim--I'll tell you what. I'll see you on the other side. Keep those suckers in line until I get there!
Omps Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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