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Jeffrey K. Stanton

Date of Death: January 30, 2022
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South Chapel
1260 Front Royal Pike
Winchester, VA 22602
Saturday 2/12, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
South Chapel
1260 Front Royal Pike
Winchester, VA 22602
Saturday 2/12, 2:00 pm
Macedonia United Methodist Church Cemetery
1941 Macedonia Church Road
White Post, Virginia 22663
(540) 667-2012 | Map
Saturday 2/12, 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm

Memorial contributions in Jeffrey’s memory may be made to SPCA – Winchester, 111 Featherbed Lane, Winchesteter, VA  22601

Jeffrey K. Stanton, age 61, of Stephens City, Virginia passed away on Sunday, January 30, 2022 at his residence. Jeffrey was born in 1960 in East Orange, New Jersey, the son of the late John Russell and Ilse Louise Stanton.  Jeffrey earned a Master’s of Business Administration degree from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.  He workedContinue Reading

Mike Turner left a message on February 16, 2022:
Jeff was always there to talk and share his knowledge. He was good natured and loved to probe and poke to hit a nerve. One of the smartest analysis I have ever met and always a good sounding board on economics. Loved to play jokes on him and he would laugh right along. I am glad that I reconnected before his untimely passing. He will be missed.
Stuart Stanton left a message on February 13, 2022:
Honoring and Remembering Jeffrey; February 12, 2022 Today we remember and celebrate the life of my dear brother, Jeffrey Stanton. First I have to admit that I am still trying to come to terms with this really happening. On January 31, we received a shocking late night call telling us Jeff had passed. While I understand that Jeff had some serious health issues in recent years, I didn’t have any indication that this was coming. I thought there was more time. It’s a reminder to cherish every day we are given. My sadness on hearing this news also triggered memories going far back over our lives as brothers, which were made all the more vivid as I attended to the affairs in his house and examined some old photo albums that I hadn’t seen in a long time. One memory was more of a story I was told than anything I can really directly remember, but I am lead to believe that Jeff might have saved my life at a very young age. Apparently as a toddler I got curious about a ladder that my father had used to do some repair on the roof of the house, and I made my moves too fast to be stopped by my mother. My parents may have each spun the story a little differently, but the likely real story was that my mother was panicked, and my father thought that my mother should not go up the ladder after me in that panicked state, and also that he would have a hard time safely getting to me by coming down. So, I am told that Jeff was sent up to brace me and guide me down to my mother’s arms. This is believable because my father was known to teach us to take responsibilities a little bit above our age and then trust us. And Jeff was sometimes rather fearless. Thank you for being my hero, Jeff! Another early childhood error on my part also showed Jeff’s acceptance of me and his sense of humor. I was not able to pronounce “Jeffrey” when I first started talking, and I came out with the approximation of “Boffrey”. This seemed to amuse my family so much that it became a bit of a nickname, and even several decades later in our lives it would still be used on certain occasions. Jeff was always OK with it and would smile about it. I put up with nicknames from him too, like “Stuey”. After college and into my working life in science and engineering, Jeff seemed to think I might have been reasonably smart, so his other cute nickname for me was “Stu-without-the-pid”. It was only used on special occasions. It was natural for me to follow Jeff’s lead on some things that he “did first” since he was older. He taught me photography with high-end cameras and working in a darkroom to develop and print photos. He and his friends added me and my friends to the camping gang, braving the summer nights in the woods not too far behind our house. I followed his lead figuring out things like lanterns and tents. He and my dad got me involved in fixing and customizing cars in my teenage years. When he was of age to drive to school instead of taking the bus, and I wasn’t yet, he didn’t think it made him less cool if I rode along with him. We had dogs in our youth together and we were always animal lovers. Jeff continued to love and spoil several dogs in recent years. Jenny was his current beloved pet, and we are glad she has settled into a new loving home. I made the practical decision to go with cats for our pets, but Jeff and the cats also got along fine. In our youth we used to go skating and sledding together. We even sort of got concussions from sledding accidents together, at least within a few years of each other. His was more dramatic than mine. In some nightmare after his sledding concussion, he yelled out “get that pointy radiator away from me”. Nobody understood that at all, but we repeatedly laughed about it together for many years. I even went to Lehigh University mainly because Jeff went there first. It seemed like I’d be OK because he was OK. This is pretty significant since I met LuAnn in the Lehigh area and married her not long after graduating. With marriage at a young age, I suddenly took my own direction in life where Jeff hadn’t done it first. But Jeff was supportive and involved. Even recently I have heard that Jeff told friends how great my kids are. As our lives took different paths and got busy, we could always stay in touch and talk honestly about lots of things, and he enjoyed holidays and other visits with us. He wanted to be in our lives, different as they had become. As Jeff’s passing has prompted me to contact many of his friends and co-workers, I am pleased to hear great things about his interaction with them. Here are a few quotes: “I loved Jeff very much. He was such a special person and we had so many fun times together. I miss him very much.” “He had a heart of gold and the best sense of humor.” “He has helped me so much since my husband passed. I will miss all of the stories of them working together. I’ve heard them 100 times, but they’ve kept the memories of my husband alive. I’ll be eternally grateful for what your brother did for me.” “We all loved him very much.” “Your bother was an awesome person and we all loved working with him. He will be deeply missed.” “He was a good guy. I really enjoyed the times we had together.” It comforts me to think that Jeff had such great relationships recently even as he had so many challenges in his life. It was great to have a brother that I am sure truly loved and cared for me and my family and many others. I am saddened that he couldn’t stay with us for many more years, but I am confident that memories of Jeff will last a lifetime for all who knew him. Rest in peace, Jeffrey Karl Stanton.
John Ho left a message on February 12, 2022:
So sorry to hear of the passing of Jeff. I had the pleasure to work with Jeff many years ago and he left an indelible impression on me and many of his colleagues. Always intelligent and fun you always knew you were in the presence of Jeff. We had many funny and memorable conversations. Deep down he was a very caring person especially to his beloved dog. Rest In Peace, Jeff.
Nancy & Chris McDonough left a message on February 12, 2022:
Our deepest sympathies and prayers go out to all Jeff's family and friends.
Tom Greig left a message on February 12, 2022:
In memory of Jeffrey K. Stanton, Tom Greig lit a candle
Peace of mind is a call away. We're here when you need us most.
David A Smith left a message on February 8, 2022:
I worked with Jeff for many years. He was very bright and knowledgeable. On weekends we often drove our sports cars in road rallies. We had fun both working and playing.
Chris Cregar left a message on February 6, 2022:
I was so very sorry to hear of Jeff's passing. I will never forget meeting Jeff and taking care of his precious Jenny when he traveled for work. Rest in peace Jeff.
Heidi Kittel left a message on February 4, 2022:
Jeff, you will be terribly missed by me. All of the funny DKB stories you shared with me about Gumby, Turner, and you…I’ll never forget them. You were a great help to me after Gumby passed away, and I will be forever grateful to you for your patience with a Spanish major, who didn’t know anything about finance lol. You would compare me to your mom since she also had a degree in Spanish. Don’t forget how you would always mispronounce German words which contained an umlaut…I would always say…drück, not druck, followed by a German expletive lol! I hope you and Gumby are together, and enjoying a Whopper from Burger King and talking banking business. You guys were really good at that. Thanks for being such a good friend. I’ll miss you and our daily convos more than you know. Until I see you guys again…save me a spot!
Omps Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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