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Gary Edward George

Date of Death: January 12, 2021
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Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington, VA
Friday 8/12, 3:00 pm

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Gary Edward George, 82, of Front Royal, VA, passed away Tuesday, January 12, 2021, at Inova Fairfax Hospital. Mr. George was born in 1938 in Rhinebeck, NY, son of the late Leonard and Florence George. He was a veteran of the United States Army and was most proud of his military service. Mr. George wasContinue Reading

Allen M. Faust left a message on June 1, 2021:
Gary and I were high school classmates in Rhinebeck, NY. Sadly, when we graduated in 1956 and everyone went their separate ways, we lost track of each other. Unfortunately, there was no email, or cell phones or texting back then. It wasn’t until years later when Gary was organizing a class reunion that we reconnected. He apparently used his investigative skills to track down most of our classmates. He reminded me that I helped him get through senior English class. And it was during our senior class trip to Washington that Gary learned to roller skate. Since that class reunion we stayed in touch via email and periodic phone calls, and through a Friends of Old Rhinebeck website. Rest in peace my old friend. You are missed.
Janet Post left a message on June 1, 2021:
On Angel’s Wings, Gary.....I’ll miss our check-ins from I-81.
John W Hargis Sr left a message on April 8, 2021:
Mr. Gary George was my father in law through his daughter Patricia. I have never met a more understanding individual, a person you could talk to about anything, and he didn't just listen, he gave wise advise. I also will say, thank you for your service as a Warrant Officer US Army. May GOD bless and keep Mr. George by his side. John W Hargis Sr
Mark Hannigan left a message on January 30, 2021:
Gary George was the Special Agent In Charge (SAC) at the CID Office at Fort Meyer, Virginia, and I was a Military Police Investigator assigned to Gary, along with four other investigators, who worked undercover narcotics. We always referred to Gary as "Chief". I worked with him from 1979-1981. He was the greatest guy and I remember every time the Chief walked into the narcotics department, he was always disgusted with us, because of our long hair, and civilian clothes, which was a constant source of teasing by him. My best memory of Gary was that all of the drug investigators had motorcycles, and one day Gary asked if he could take mine for a ride, he jumped on my Kawasaki 650, and was gone for about three hours. Three days later, he showed up at the office with a brand new motorcycle, which he rode from Front Royal to Fort Meyer everyday weather permitting, and some days, not weather permitting, which would put him in a bad mood when he showed up at work soaking wet. Gary and the drug team would often take motorcycle trips on the weekends to upper state New York, Pennsylvania, and through the West Virginia area. One great memory is, I remember a time when the drug team was living in a house in Alexandria, and one weekend we decided to roast a pig, Gary and I ordered a pig from the butcher, and dug a giant pit in the backyard, got a keg of beer, and invited everyone from the CID office and the Arlington Police,. We for two days we ate barbequed hog and drank beer. The neighbors also decided to attend, which resulted in the Fairfax County Sheriff's Office to arrive due to the amount of cars blocking the street, the responding deputies later came back to the house after they got off shift and joined into the feast. I left in 1981 and returned to the Sheriff's Office back in Oregon. Gary retired from CID, and later went to work for the FBI, over the years we've stayed in touch. He was a great cop and friend, and I have many memories that will last a lifetime thanks to the Chief. Sincerely, Mark Hannigan
John Crabtree left a message on January 30, 2021:
Ever since I first met him, I always enjoyed Gary's sense of humour and direct approach. We agreed on most things, agreed to disagree on others, but I always felt warmly welcomed and loved as his son-in-law. Before I proposed to Sandra, I, being old-fashioned, felt that I ought to ask her father for his permission, even though I knew it was her decision. Gary's response was that the decision was entirely Sandra's, but that he appreciated me asking him nonetheless, and that his answer was yes. I knew at that point that we would see eye to eye on anything truly important down the road. Gary was a wonderful, caring grandfather to our three children as well, taking time to talk with them during our visits and always remembering their birthdays, often creating wonderful videos focussed on them. Each was well choreographed and an obvious labour of love. I always looked forward to sitting and chatting with him during our trips to Virginia; we would cover his newest tech gadgets or vehicle, stories about his military career and other adventures. The photo attached he sent me shortly after our discussion of his time as a secret service agent. Gary, we all - Andrew, Alexander, Alison, Sandra and I - miss you dearly. Knowing you 15 years seems like a very short time, and I will treasure every moment in my memories. I can already feel you looking down on us. Rest in peace.
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Tom Wilkin, CW4 (RET), USA, CID Agent left a message on January 24, 2021:
In June/July, 1977, I reported to Washington District, Fort Myer, VA and CW4 Gary George was the Ops Officer. He was my first real CONUS "The Chief" that I worked for. By watching how he managed and dealt with the Good & Bad of a major CID office I learned a lot and the best being: "Take care of your people and they will take care of the mission." He was a real role model for my WO career. For some strange reason he use to call me "TT" and one day I asked him why? He told me it was for Terrible Tom; he knew me very well. We have stayed friends all these years and, Carmen and I, visited him a couple times, at his Cabin before we left the East Coast. May His Memory Be Eternal.
Debra Speck left a message on January 24, 2021:
In memory of Gary Edward George, Debra Speck lit a candle
robert r george left a message on January 23, 2021:
my Cousin Gary was 7yrs younger than i and one time their home was 2 doors and across the st from us! my Father was Gary"s fathers brother 1 yr other relatives from the Grandmother & Grandfather George.. they both didn't like each other at all .but I and my Mother liked the both of them Gary and his Addopted sister and florence his mom...and I rode down with her to visit his sister when she was in the Hospital for the few yrs she was there!!..WE visited Gary the day before his heart was transplanted..we were there with him when the word came down that they had one . He was very close to me almost as a brother
Don Keller left a message on January 21, 2021:
Gary E. George certificate of military honors.
Don Keller left a message on January 21, 2021:
My first encounter with Gary was years ago at Camp Casey, South Korea. We both were nearing the end of our military careers and this was our last overseas tour of duty. Gary was the Operations Officer Camp Casey CID Field Office (Army Criminal Investigation) which included two CID Resident Agency offices all near the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) to North Korea. Having gone through my incoming briefing at our HQ in Seoul, was told to report to Gary as his Assistant Operations Officer. Which became an interesting encounter for a friendship to last a lifetime. Found Gary at his desk with an ‘inbox’ stacked high with investigation case folders, a BIG German Shepard dog named “Sid” laying behind his desk, a large ‘case board’ loaded with tags of ongoing investigations. Gary looked me up and down, picked up all the case folders in his inbox, pointed to a desk, and said “let’s see what you can do, review these cases!” My first thought, “wow, this is going to be fun!!” As we came to know each other I found him to be the most Honorable man I ever met! If you ask him a question, you better be ready to hear an upfront straight forward answer, be it good, bad or indifferent! He always supported family, friends and fellow Agents / workers. However, many discovered they should not try to pull a “fast one” on him, he would quickly resolve the issue! And, always ready with a ‘smart ***’ comment to keep you laughing! We spent many hours on the phone or exchange of email recalling “war stories” and helping each other to resolve everyday problems. It was a little scary and amazing how much we had in common with our military career, manners, habits and life! For me, he was more like an older brother, then just a close friend! Shortly before the end, his daughter Patty called and told me Gary had spoken to all his family to say his goodbyes and wanted to speak to me. As she held the phone, in typical Gary style, his final words to me, “Don Keller you *****, goodbye, I will see you again and I love you!” Words I will forever remember! Yes someday, my dear friend / brother, I hope to see you again, rest in peace!
Judi left a message on January 21, 2021:
Gary charmed me the day I met him at the doctor’s office where I worked.  His way was blunt, but that first conversation about Alaskan dreams began a friendship that would grow and thrive.  We would get together for lunch on the days he had appointments, and these would turn into four- or five-hour long sessions of his vibrant story-telling.  His medical issues caused him to walk slowly and carefully, but they didn’t in any way dampen his life stories, which were wildly entertaining!  I could listen to him all day (oh, wait, I kinda did)! How did this guy with a transplanted ticker have so MUCH heart?  He came to know all about my big family, and especially my precious memories about my sister, who passed away four years ago.  Gary created a movie that captured so many heartfelt family moments and was a tribute to our beloved Veronica; it is beyond treasured by all of us. I will so miss Gary’s caring ways, his wit and humor, and his hard hugs.  I am comforted by my certainty that he was not afraid of dying.  He explained that he had had a sneak peak of what was “out there” some forty years ago, and that he knew he was bound for a beautiful, sacred place. Be at peace, Gary.  You are missed and SO loved!  Thank you for bringing a giant extra measure of happiness into my life.  We celebrate you.?
Dr Paul Kravitz left a message on January 21, 2021:
In this time of major disagreements among many people almost everyone would agree that Gary George was an “ornery” person. Once when starting him on a new drug to prevent growths on his skin from developing, I asked him how the drug was working. He said “*** damit”, Millions of growths fell off on the kitchen floor and he had to take a broom to sweep them up.  He said I should have warned him .”*** damit” Then he smiled. Paul Kravitz
Tim Schroeder left a message on January 21, 2021:
I was fortunate to have served with Gary at the Ft Myer CID in the early 1970s. He was a highly respected special agent who was a role model for me as a junior agent. May he rest in peace.
Teresa Campbell left a message on January 20, 2021:
I will forever treasure the letter you wrote me for graduation and the many stories you told us at the dinner table. You were a true force. So intelligent, strong, funny and kind. Thank you for all you have done for my mom and I. I will miss you Pap. I love you very much!
Tonya Ann Campbell left a message on January 20, 2021:
Anytime I see a drone or smell Polo cologne, I'll think of Gary! He always had a smile on his face and said hello anytime I would see him. Gary will be greatly missed and I look forward to honoring him in the near future at Arlington Cemetery. RIP Gary ? Sending love to his family, & friends, Tonya Campbell
carole bloom left a message on January 19, 2021:
Part of my heart left with you.....I will never forget you and all the fun we had together over the years. Always enjoyed our phone chats that could easily last over an hour! I could not have asked for a better brother who kept me in line! Love you dearly!
Shari Piccione left a message on January 19, 2021:
Sincere condolences to you Patti & Sandra. I feel the emptiness and sorrow as you do. Gary was the GREATEST neighbor/friend that anyone could ever want. He was deeply loved ❤ & will be terribly missed. I will always treasure the memories I have of him forever.
Debra Petersen left a message on January 19, 2021:
When Baron died, I told him he needed to get another dog, he said no. I said get a mature dog, he said no. I said get an old dog, he still said no. He could be stubborn at times. Every time I would send pictures of my German Shepard puppy, I could tell it made him happy. He missed Baron a lot. Two years ago, Gary told me if he could only make it until his 80th birthday he would be happy. I told him God wasn't ready for him yet and he had plenty more living to do. I reassured him "Jerome" had many more beats in him. Of course, Gary would tell me, I was full of it. We would laugh. We always laughed. From the first time he yelled for me to come to his office in 1981 until his last birthday we always laughed. There was good in every cell of him. He will be missed by many that loved him, each in their own way. I pray we all find strength in his memory to get us through those days when we want to pick up the phone in need of a laugh. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
Michael Hargis left a message on January 18, 2021:
I love you grandpa. My memories of you when I was a child being me comfort. I truly hope you find peace and joy.
Betty liptak left a message on January 18, 2021:
I am so sorry to hear of Gary's passing. Prayers for his dear family.
Omps Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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