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David R. Bousquet

Date of Death: June 2, 2014
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Wednesday 6/4, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Wednesday 6/4, 7:00 pm

Jim Ramsey left a message on June 3, 2014:
Dave, We will miss you! It was an absolute honor to know you, work with you and socialize with you. You were a great friend, an amazing soldier and an example for all those under your leadership. There are many of us who will always remember your drive, competence, motivation, smiles, humor and friendship while at the White House Communications Agency, you set a lasting example! I had the unique opportunity to worship with you, so I write this with all the joy of knowing you are now home with our father in heaven. I look forward to the day to serve along side of you again in our fathers house ... it will be an absolute honor. May God bless you now everyday Dave!
Floyd S. Hepler left a message on June 4, 2014:
I was saddened to hear of Dave's sudden passing and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I first met Dave in 1986 and for the next several years we traveled the world together. He was a great individual who made a real difference. I saw him a couple of weeks ago, and we had a long conversation, mostly about our time in the military. I am extremely thankful that we were able to spend some time together. Dave will be missed by all of those who know and served with him. Dave, thanks for all you did and now may you rest in peace my friend.
Olan Wade left a message on June 4, 2014:
I was very saddened to here of the loss of a true friend and former veteran with whom I had the honor to serve with. Dave will truly be missed by myself and all he met. Our prayers go out to his family.
Brenda McDonald left a message on June 4, 2014:
Dave & Family, my heart is sad and I can only imagine your pain. Know that Dave was always pleasant, helpful and smiling at work. May God give you the comfort and love you all need. RIP Dave, we miss you!
Dave Maher left a message on June 4, 2014:
Biscuit, too young my friend, way too young! Thanks for all you did in SS&A! We made a difference! You might have been a pain in the butt sometimes with hour-long discussions over a single word in our document reviews, and your 10 minute meeting always turned into an hour, but your heart was in the right place and everything you did was for the good of the mission. And no one can argue with your results. It was an honor to work with you. Hope you can finally fix that re-grip in your golf back swing. Love you bro. You will be missed!
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Ann Chong Bernier left a message on June 4, 2014:
Dave, when you friend me on FB from out of the blue a month ago, I did not know how to react. Why did I not keep in touch, why did we have that distance? I always imaged that our paths would cross some day; when we are old, we would connect and reflect. Life is so unpredictable, complicating, and hectic. I was so busy I did not take the opportunity to share my thoughts, even to post those three words: I love you. With much regret, I never got to say thank you in person for being there for me, walking me down the isle at my wedding, and being a positive male role model. You are my brother-in-law, but I consider you as my big brother and always will be. Thank you Catherine for the lovely pictures you posted a weeks ago, the lasting image of your dad’s smile, how happy he was to be with your family, and his love for you and your family was touched by many. You left us too soon! You will always be in my thoughts and will always have a special place in my heart. Much love to you at your resting place. We will cross path my friend, and I will bring Buffalo Wings!!! Your sis, Ann Chong Bernier, NH
Andy Couch left a message on June 4, 2014:
I count myself among Dave’s legion of friends. We shared WHCA trips and post-retirement employment. We worked well together and understood each other’s passion for the job. We played golf and poker, laughed, and joked. His departure leaves a void impossible to fill and creates a profound sadness for his loved ones who must endure his absence and for all his unrealized hopes and dreams. As time passes and mourning gives way to healing, I pray that Dave’s family and friends find peace and a way to carry on in a manner that honors his memory. God bless.
Ken Garner left a message on June 4, 2014:
Dave, you will be truly missed. You were always a voice of reason in difficult times and your motivation was always pure as the driven snow. You only wanted to do the right things that made a true and impacting difference. Your patriotism and commitment to duty, co-workers, friends and family is a great legacy for a man who left us too soon. You made a difference and your contributions will always be remembered and appreciated. My prayers are with you and your family during this very challenging time.
Jim Bintzler left a message on June 4, 2014: sad to hear of your passing. There were so many good times at Luke CST and I fondly remember all of them. We had a terrific group of people and I can proudly say...I am richer for know you and serving with you.
Ed Snell left a message on June 4, 2014:
So sad to hear of your passing. I thoroughly enjoyed my time under your command at LCST. We had a an awesome group of people. I am so thankful to have served under your command. I am a better person and leader having you as a mentor during my military career. RIP Dave! "Option 2" for the last time!
Nancy Chong-Hogan left a message on June 4, 2014:
Dave, my mom showed me pictures on Facebook of you with Scarlett on your lap and Charlie by your side and we were so thrilled that you were there with Catherine's growing young family. It looked like such a happy and poignant time. It would be a week later that time would freeze in my memory of you. The last impression. But I have so many fond memories that will fill the sorrow that holds heavy in my heart. You and Mary always took care of me and my sisters. At one time, all six of us, including my mom, lived under one roof. We were teenagers then so that alone says what a selfless act of kindness you had for us. I'll never forget all the times we had marathon Monopoly game nights that ended until sunrise. You were so competitive to the core! I remember playing tackle football in the front yard after Thanksgiving dinners, going on road trips in your little red truck, big breakfast made together on the weekends, playing on softball and volleyball teams together. We had so much fun back then. You bought me my first tennis racket because you knew how much I loved to play. All this is centered around games and sports but YOU were there, present in our lives. I will never forget that. I am so sad and shocked that you are gone. I still can't believe it. The only comfort I feel is that you are in a sound place filled with light and peace. You have a legacy of loving people that will always remember you and the gift you brought to us while you served here on earth. My memories of you will live long and true. Dave, thank you for being my guardian, surrogate father,and friend. I love and miss you dearly. Nancy Chong-Hogan (Phoenix,AZ)
John Krause left a message on June 4, 2014:
Dave, As I read through all the tributes from your many friends and loved ones, it is abundantly clear you made the world a better place for all those whose lives you touched. Not just those who knew you, but anyone (and everyone) who enjoys the blessing of freedom have you to thank. Your passing reminds us all (once again), that life is short, friends (and friendships) are important, and we must never forget those who have touched our lives and made the world a better place. Thank you for your service, thank you for your friendship, and peace be with you always. God bless you and God bless your family in their time of sorrow. Fair winds and following seas my friend.
Midaeja Kim left a message on June 4, 2014:
Dave, when I first I met you, I was divorced and had no man around with four girls to raise. I am so glad that I had a man in my life that was like my son. That was you. I was so happy that you and Mary got married, especially in a church. Thank you for moving us to Phoenix from Waynesboro. We stayed together as a family. We had so many good times. You took care of everything for us. You had Catherine and you were so happy. I also remember how much you loved your dog, Rocky. Rocky didn't like me. I pretend I was going to go after him but Rocky made noise to scare me away to protect you. I remember my mom and I visiting you in Korea while you were stationed there. What a surprise. That was the first time you met my mom. She was shocked you ate all the Korean food but no kimchee. No one protected me like you did. You are not here anymore and I miss you very much. Midaeja Kim (Phoenix, AZ)
June Nothwehr left a message on June 4, 2014:
Oh Dave! I was shocked and sadden to hear that you are gone. I immediately felt disbelief and then heart broken. I am filled with regret for letting our friendship fade and not expressing to you what you meant to me growing up. The memories flooded my mind as I cried relentlessly yesterday. While reflecting, I could not recall that I ever said I love you and that will haunt me. You were more than a brother-in-law; you were a father-figure, true brother, kindred spirit, and idol to me. We were similar in many ways: competitiveness, stubbornness, temperament, regimented, pride, sense of duty, our love of games, and even bad habits. You treated me like a real younger sister. You alone flew to Fort Jackson for my graduation from Basic Training. On short notice, you flew from Korea to Reno to give me away at my impromptu wedding. You encouraged me to write, even though my poems were dark. There were numerous times you saved me from my own self-destruction and helped in all my times of need, without hesitation or regard for anything else. There are few people in my life that changed me and made an impact on who I am today; you were the first. It is still difficult for me to believe that you have departed this life. I wish I had the opportunity to tell you these things in person. I wish I tried harder to reconnect with you to express my gratitude for all that you did for me. Life is not very fair and we lost you too soon. My heart goes out to Catherine because what she desires the most is a close and happy family. I am glad that you spent time with her and your grandchildren recently. You gave them fond memories to cherish. She was so happy and excited about future visits. I am sure you were proud to see how loving and caring she is to her children and husband. I love you, Dave. June Nothwehr My warmest sympathies goes out to the Bousquet, Nowak and Sweet families for their loss. May you find solace in knowing that Dave was loved and respected by so many, will be missed, and is at peace. Thank you for ensuring that Dave is properly and honorably laid to rest.
Mary Jostes left a message on June 4, 2014:
Dave, You came out of nowhere and captured my heart with your confidence and determination when I was just 17! I will never forget the image of you running in your PT shorts and t-shirt trying to impress me…and you succeeded! Our joyous moment was when our daughter Catherine was born. Now she is all grown up with 2 children of her own, and serving this great country just as you did. I know you are very proud of her and I’m so happy that you a great time at Charlie’s 2nd birthday party. You need to know that I was so proud to be your Army wife! It was a sad day for me as I know it was for you that we couldn’t make things work. Part of me will always love you…we shared a large part of our lives together. I promise to help our grandchildren remember you as the hardworking patriotic intelligent man that you were. Until we meet again in Heaven. Mary Jostes
Keenan Frank left a message on June 3, 2014:
Dave, You were a great friend over the years; both at work and also during all the times we spent on the golf course. (I suspect you came out ahead in the skins – and I will burn the dollar that we used to keep track) No one was more conscientious at his job, or thoughtful of the concerns of the people he worked with. The debates and discussions we had over politics, religion, and the optimal golf swing made for some interesting moments. I am going to miss you Dude. I don’t know what comes after this life, but I am hoping you reserve an early Saturday tee-time for me so I can win some of that money back.
Denita Zelk left a message on June 3, 2014:
You will be missed, Dave.
Steve Agrecy left a message on June 3, 2014:
Dave, You left us way too early. I fondly remember when you came back to WHCA and I had the privilege to go with you out West when you took over the unit. You had big shoes to fill and the troops absolutely welcomed you in with respect. You will be remembered for your complete dedication to the “Mission” and for taking care of your troops. Rest in peace, my friend, you are with God now.
Gene Davenport left a message on June 3, 2014:
Dave you will surely be missed. I Thank You for your guidance and friendship during the past years - you have been a great friend. May The Lord Bless You And Your Family
Patrick Kiser left a message on June 3, 2014:
Dave, you will be missed Greatly and I can't begin to say what an Honor and privilege it was to have known you. You were a Great commander who always looked out for his troops while making sure the mission got accomplished. Our detachment was my best military assignment and I will never forget our Hardcore ping-pong matches and close pool games. You were a great friend and a mentor and I'm thankful I got to know you. God Bless
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Archie Melendez left a message on June 3, 2014:
This truly took a lot of us by surprise and totally unexpected. It was an honor and a privilege getting to know you and to work with you. For me it is hard to come up with words. I can just say that you will definitely be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Catherine Bousquet/Settles left a message on June 4, 2014:
Dad, You were more than a father to me, you were my mentor, and role model. The memories we shared this past weekend were more than I could ask for. Your grandchildren will be aware of your legacy and it will live on. You are the strongest, stubborn, caring, driven, and prideful man I know and that is what made you so memorable and honorable. You are a man of your word and I will never forget the 25 years I've spend with you as my father/grandfather to my kids. My heart is heavy and I wish I could make sense of this. However, I know that you are in a better place now and you're looking down on us. My children will remember you as their grandfather the great, who was respected by many, and loved by all. Your dedication to every aspect of life will never be forgotten. I'll miss you every time I hear our favorite country songs play, I'll remember all of our special memories we've made, and I'll forever love you unconditionally because in the end you'll always be my Daddy. Love, Catherine, Charles, Charlie and Scarlett
Robert Bayrer left a message on June 4, 2014:
Dave, you will be missed. I have many fond memories of our time together at Luke including the trip with our wives to Vegas. My prayers for you and your family.
dick gleson left a message on June 4, 2014:
Dave, rest in peace my friend, loved to visit your home while at the LCST, enjoyed all our time together there.
Pat Casey left a message on June 4, 2014:
Dave it was great to know you all these years. Thoughts and Prayers to your family and may you RIP.
Ward Walker left a message on June 4, 2014:
Dave was a great co-worker at White House Comm Agency; he is missed!
Jeffrey Trappe left a message on June 4, 2014:
My condolences to Catherine, Mary and David’s family. I served with David for a few years and was proud to call him my friend. David was one of the last officers I had the privilege to read me the oath of reenlistment in front of the Buffalo Soldier statue at the front gate of Fort Huachuca. In knowing David you quickly found he was strong, confident, self-assured and what some may even call vain which makes this whole ordeal sound so out of character and there must be more to the story. We spent many a night in Arizona drinking, shooting the breeze and playing darts and I will miss you, anyway David, Rest in Peace Brother and we’ll see ya on the high ground.
James Murphy left a message on June 5, 2014:
Eulogy for David R. Bousquet June 4, 2012 Omps Funeral Home, Winchester, VA written and delivered by James Murphy Thank you, everyone for coming today. My name is James Murphy. Dave and I worked together. We were close friends. I know that some of you traveled many miles on short notice to pay your respects, to seek and provide comfort to each other. Thank you for honoring him by being here. Thank you to Dave’s parents and to his brother, for being here, for making the long trip from Buffalo, and for raising such a wonderful son. Thank you Mrs. Bousquet, for asking me this afternoon to speak about my friend and brother in Christ. I pray that in a few brief words I can convey a small measure of the man he was and share a glimpse of the enormous impact he made on so many of us. As many of you I am sure knew, Dave grew up Buffalo, NY. He was a huge Bills fan, and one of five brothers growing up in a deeply religious family. At one point in his youth he even planned to be a Catholic priest, but later decided to join the Army to earn money for college. As you would expect, in high school he was an excellent student and could have gone anywhere. In fact, he later achieved his Bachelor of Science degree while in the Army, receiving magna cum laude honors, and later also received his MBA. And of course as many of you know first hand, he was an excellent soldier. He was selected as the distinguished honor graduate at the US Army Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course, again the distinguished honor graduate at the Army Warrant Officer Basic Course, and again the distinguished honor graduate at the Army Electronic Switch Technician Manager Course, and the Honor Graduate, with Leadership Award, at the Army Warrant Officer Advanced Course. Many of you served with Dave. He began his career in our special mission at Camp David, straight out of his enlisted technical school 30 years ago. He went on from there to serve in that same special mission outside of this area, only to return again to DC, and to the White House Communications Agency in 2001, where he served and traveled around the world as a Presidential Communications Officer. Upon his retirement from the Army, he continued to serve his beloved country as a contractor at the White House Military Office, and later as a government employee and Technical Director for the Communications Program at White House Military Office, Policy Plans and Requirements Directorate. Most recently, he served alongside us at the company, Wolverine Services, and alongside our government customer and partners at FEMA’s Continuity Readiness Center, not far from here. He was an excellent employee. Any of us who worked with Dave immediately knew several things about him. First is he was always making lists – lists on paper, lists on the computer, lists of lists. In meetings and in just casual conversation, he listed his points and counted them off with his fingers. So I am going to do that: a) Dave knew his job. The depth and breadth of his knowledge and his understanding of our very special mission and its history were unparalleled. He knew the technical aspects, the policy aspects, and the political and people aspects of our community, and I was frequently humbled in meetings by his polite, conciliatory, patient manner, his wisdom and his tact. b) Dave believed in Team. He frequently told me that he has always looked for the value in individuals. He sought to find where every member of the team could best serve, where they were strong, what they could best contribute – even if Dave didn’t always agree with them, even if cooperation was difficult, he felt deeply that we needed to work together. c) Dave was a good friend. I met Dave seven years ago. And I am humbled to say that for the last two years, aside from my wife, he has been my best friend. You see Dave would do anything for anyone. He was a giving, painfully humble and kind person, the like of which these days is very rare. He had a great sense of humor and an even greater love for golf, where incidentally I have found it is always handy to have a full measure of humility. d) Dave was dependable and meticulous. He was a details kind of guy. No responsibility, no detail was too small for his full attention. He fought passionately and intensely for his important part of our mission, and he worked tirelessly toward his responsibilities, to the mission, to us his colleagues, and to his family. He was a man with a deep sense of duty and integrity. e) Dave was a peacemaker. Whether in office politics, or in his personal relationships, Dave worked for peace. In meetings he often held his tongue and pulled his punches in order to preserve peace and satisfy the customer. He was a true professional. And this brings me to: f) The most important thing you need to know about our friend David. In November 2012 Dave Bousquet was forever changed. God opened David’s eyes and showed him that true peace and forgiveness can only come by the One who came to suffer the punishment that we all deserve. On that day less than two years ago, Dave believed for the first time, that Jesus Christ received the wrath that he deserved, so that he could permanently receive the eternal relationship with God that only Christ deserves. He understood the profound swap that occurs by faith in the Gospel – Christ took what we deserve so that we can enjoy what only He deserves. And from that day, Dave was never the same. Stephan Picard, our friend and brother, Dave and I, as well as a few others, had an online discussion group on a website called There we read and discussed the Bible, made posts, asked questions and shared thoughts. Just two weeks ago we decided to have a cell phone teleconference every Monday during lunch. Dave and I planned to buy our lunch at the cafeteria and dial into the discussion on our cell phones from one of the nearby conference rooms. At our first meeting I asked the group to consider the following passage for our next meeting, which incidentally was scheduled for this Monday, the same day we tragically learned of his passing. I will read that passage and I will read Dave’s post, as I am sure Dave would want you to hear them. This quote is from the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church, the second chapter, verses 8-10. Please pay close attention, as this is God’s Word, which is faithful, and is true. Ephesians 4:8-10 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Only 15 days ago Dave posted the following: “This small piece of scripture really encapsulates what God has done for us. Why us? Why has God given us grace, faith, love, mercy, salvation, hope and so much more? It is a mystery to me that an undeserving person such as myself has been blessed with His gifts. The sermon last week at church was really good. Previous sermons mentioned the gifts we've been given. Last week, in a sermon entitled "Endurance", the pastor spoke of how it takes endurance to realize the transformation that is possible for us. Good stuff!” Dave believed the truth. His transformation is now complete. Dave understood that by grace, through faith in Christ’s work on his behalf, he was forever saved, forever forgiven. Dave knew that salvation and peace with God was a “gift”, not earned by his goodness or his effort. He knew that all of his sins, past, present and future where permanently forgiven and washed away. “Good stuff”, he said. Good stuff indeed. You see, Dave knew that although he was a brilliant man, exemplary soldier, subject matter expert regarding our mission, excellent father, loving husband, caring friend, he could not boast in his own achievements. He could only boast in Christ, in Christ’s work on the cross, and in His resurrection. I tell you these things because David would want you to hear them. He would want you to consider the Gospel. To get the “Good stuff”. Finally, it is because of Dave’s faith in Christ, I can say that, although I am profoundly saddened for all of us, for his parents and his brothers, his wife and children, his grandchildren, I am happy for David - sad for us, happy for Dave. He has been ultimately transformed. He has found ultimate forgiveness, peace and rest. I can confidently assert that David is standing this very moment in a crowd of millions, worshipping his King, with a broad smile on his face, and not a worry in his heart. Dave, we will miss you always Brother. Thank you for being such wonderful man. See you soon. Will you please join me in a brief moment of silent prayer? I will then close this time in prayer. [Postscript – David R. Bousquet is at peace now, not because he is not here - but because he is with Christ, because he is completely forgiven, because he is completely free from worry and pain. He understood, believed, accepted, and trusted in the Gospel – the “Good Stuff”- before he passed. I know he would want everyone to do the same while they still can. Philippians 4:6-8 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Amen. – James Murphy]
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Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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